How to Build an Art Crate Yourself?

How to Build an Art Crate Yourself

Need to transport priceless artworks from your collection and want to do it yourself? Breathe out and consider the subject thoroughly, especially if you have zero experience in such a delicate and serious process as packing and crating fine art. Artwork may vary in size, shape, materials, and age, but each piece deserves exceptional care and attention. For this reason, it is not enough just to cover it with bubble wrap or Kraft paper to ensure damage-free delivery. What you really need is a durable art crate built to meet the packing requirements for your particular art piece. Creating a durable crate can be a challenge, so let’s go over its most important points step by step!

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Handy Tips for Shipping Artwork Across the Country Safely

Handy Tips for Shipping Artwork across the Country Safely

Whether you are moving to another house or going to take part in an art fair, you will probably need the services of art packing, art shipping, and art installation. This is especially important for the newbies who do not have enough skills and experience in shipping artwork securely. They do need help from well-trained art handlers who know all the ins and outs of the art packing and transportation process, backed up by miles of used bubble wrap and hundreds of bespoke wooden crates. Working with professionals is the safest and often most cost-effective way to ship fine art across the country with confidence.

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Fine Art Storage, or How to Protect Your Art Collection

Fine Art Storage, or How to Protect Your Art Collection

Are you inspired by art and dreaming of your own collection? It is indeed a great pick for a unique and amazing hobby. However, before starting, take your time to learn more about the process of collecting and maintaining valuables. Most likely, you will find many nuances that you might not know about. For example, fine art storage is one of the most important components of the process. After all, every piece of art in your collection is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that requires special care. For this reason, you should create proper storage conditions that will allow you to keep each and every artwork healthy. So how to protect your art collection at home?

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How to Pack a Painting for Shipping?

How to Pack a Painting for Shipping

Fine art amazes with its variety of designs, proportions, and materials that artists use when creating their masterpieces. Every artwork deserves careful, engaged, and special attention, especially when it comes to packing, shipping, and installation such delicate pieces as valuable paintings. So how to pack a painting for shipping nationally or internationally and ensure it arrives without a scratch? It is needless to say that this job requires specialized skills and experience. After all, when purchasing a painting or any other art piece, you put the heart into this process, and poor and tired packing may ruin the overall feeling and impact of the deal.

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How to Transport Art from One Part of the US to Another?

How to Transport Art from One Part of the US to Another?

Transportation of art and collectibles over distances is always a responsible task for any member of the art community. No matter the destination, you need to deliver every piece with care and accuracy. The most reasonable and affordable way to transport art across the country today is the art shuttle service that has proven to be a simple, transparent, and customer-friendly option of long-distance art shipping. Besides, in addition to transporting artworks in a consolidated shuttle, this service is complemented by an array of additional options, such as professional art packing and crating, art storage, and installation of art, among others. Thus, an art shuttle is the handiest method of art transportation across the country.

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