The New Cross-Country Art Shuttle Will Depart on June 17

The New Cross-Country Art Shuttle Will Depart on June 17

In less than two weeks, the cross-country art shuttle by Fine Art Shippers will leave New York to set out on a month-long trip across the United States. If you need to have your fine art belongings sent to or delivered from any state or city on the shuttle’s route, you are welcome to book a seat for your shipment on the fully equipped and safely driven shuttle specializing in the professional delivery of art.

The route of the new cross-country art shuttle

This June, the art shuttle will cover a long distance that covers more than ten states and allows art lovers to get their shipments between the East Coast and the West Coast of the US, as well as inside the country. The route starts in New York, with the first stop scheduled for June 18 in Pittsburgh, PA, and further transit to Detroit, MI. Other stops currently included in the route include Evanston and Chicago in Illinois, Denver and Mountain Village in Colorado, and Big Sky in Montana. The shuttle will visit over a dozen cities in California, including Sacramento, San Rafael, Oakland, San Francisco, and Los Angeles, among others.

You can find the full schedule of the shuttle’s route here. Please keep in mind that the dates are subject to change if the clients request additional stops in nearby cities. Fine Art Shippers tries to keep the schedule flexible to guarantee that all customers’ needs are met along the consolidated shuttle route across the US.

Why use the art shuttle delivery service?

The consolidated art shuttle services by Fine Art Shippers are your best option for the affordable and professionally organized domestic shipment of fine art of any kind. The shuttles are fully equipped to stabilize fine art items shipped by land, thus preventing any damage caused by potential road bumps or compression. They are also fully climate-controlled to guarantee a stable environment for art storage during the long trip across the country.

The shuttle is operated by professionally trained, experienced drivers who understand the intricacies of handling and moving art and can drive safely regardless of the road conditions. With Fine Art Shippers’ cross-country art shuttle, your art can cover long distances without any risk of damage, with proper handling ensured from the pick-up to the item’s issuance to the recipient. Find out more details about the route and shuttle services from the Fine Art Shippers team by calling them at (917) 658-5075.