Handy Tips for Shipping Artwork Across the Country Safely

Handy Tips for Shipping Artwork across the Country Safely

Whether you are moving to another house or going to take part in an art fair, you will probably need the services of art packing, art shipping, and art installation. This is especially important for the newbies who do not have enough skills and experience in shipping artwork securely. They do need help from well-trained art handlers who know all the ins and outs of the art packing and transportation process, backed up by miles of used bubble wrap and hundreds of bespoke wooden crates. Working with professionals is the safest and often most cost-effective way to ship fine art across the country with confidence.

Handy tips for shipping artwork safely

No matter how fragile or valuable your art piece is, take your time to read the following tips for shipping artwork over any distance safely.

Exact measurements

First of all, you need to measure the art piece you are going to ship. Make notes of the length, width, and height of the artwork to avoid any misunderstandings when requesting a shipping quote and building a bespoke wooden crate.

High-class materials

Apply only high-quality materials for packing your artwork. We strongly recommend not using the same packaging twice, especially if you are shipping the artwork to your client.

Take care of the papers

Keep the papers in order and in a safe spot. Such documents as a certificate of authenticity and ownership papers are crucial for any deals related to fine art pieces.

A well-equipped truck

Keep in mind that precious artworks need care all the time, even in transit. A truck with a good climate-control system and severe security measures is what you need.

Expert help

Finally, save your nerves, time, and money by contacting experts specializing in shipping artwork across the country safely and on time. It is the most reliable way of transporting high-dollar art securely.