How to Pack a Painting for Shipping?

How to Pack a Painting for Shipping

Fine art amazes with its variety of designs, proportions, and materials that artists use when creating their masterpieces. Every artwork deserves careful, engaged, and special attention, especially when it comes to packing, shipping, and installation such delicate pieces as valuable paintings. So how to pack a painting for shipping nationally or internationally and ensure it arrives without a scratch? It is needless to say that this job requires specialized skills and experience. After all, when purchasing a painting or any other art piece, you put the heart into this process, and poor and tired packing may ruin the overall feeling and impact of the deal.

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How to Transport Art from One Part of the US to Another?

How to Transport Art from One Part of the US to Another?

Transportation of art and collectibles over distances is always a responsible task for any member of the art community. No matter the destination, you need to deliver every piece with care and accuracy. The most reasonable and affordable way to transport art across the country today is the art shuttle service that has proven to be a simple, transparent, and customer-friendly option of long-distance art shipping. Besides, in addition to transporting artworks in a consolidated shuttle, this service is complemented by an array of additional options, such as professional art packing and crating, art storage, and installation of art, among others. Thus, an art shuttle is the handiest method of art transportation across the country.

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August 14, 2020: Art Shuttle Los Angeles — New York City

Art Shuttle Los Angeles — New York City

The best way to transport your high-priced collectibles from Los Angeles to New York or from New York to Los Angeles is to use a professional art shuttle service. This is an extremely reliable and beneficial option for art lovers since no effort is required to reach the perfect result. Besides, experienced art handlers take care of every transported piece of art with museum accuracy and care. Do not miss the upcoming shuttle from Fine Art Shippers! It will start its journey in Los Angeles on August 14 and go right to New York, shipping valuables from one part of the country to another quickly and securely.

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Top 5 Reasons to Work with Professional Fine Art Movers

Top 5 Reasons to Work with Professional Fine Art Movers

Moving to a new place can be troublesome for an art collector, especially if they keep a grand collection of valuables. Oftentimes, it is not only a matter of cost but also a matter of sentiments binding a person to a particular artwork. Thereby, the client awaits to have harmless and reliable moving of every piece of the collection. Since the self-transportation of collectibles is a hard work that requires certain knowledge and equipment, it is always better to entrust the relocation of highly fragile, oddly sized, and antique art pieces to professional fine art movers. Why is this option so beneficial to art collectors and artists? Let’s find it out!

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Fine Art Packing Tips and Tricks

Fine Art Packing Tips and Tricks

Safe and strong packaging is a must when it comes to long-distance shipping or long-term storage of valuables. It is not enough just to cover the artwork in some packing paper and bubble wrap. If you want to get your art pieces without scratches, blemishes, or scuffs, then take your time to create a perfect packaging for each of your treasures. If you are not prepared for this task, packing may turn out to be considerably hard work. Below you will find some fine art packing tips and tricks that will help you create the most secure packaging for your artworks.

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