Cross-Country Shuttle for Art and Collectibles

Cross-Country Shuttle for Art and Collectibles

Do you need expert service for the transportation of artworks from New York to Los Angeles or from Los Angeles to New York? Then opt for the cross-country shuttle for art and collectibles, provided by the reliable art logistics company Fine Art Shippers. It is an excellent choice when it comes to the competence, transparency, and reliability of fine art shipping services. With art shuttles from Fine Art Shippers, you entrust the transportation of your collection to professional art handlers and well-trained drivers who know how to deliver even the most fragile pieces safely. Besides, the affordable cost of the service will definitely cheer you up.

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Do You Need to Crate Artwork for Shipping?

Do You Need to Crate Artwork for Shipping

When it comes to shipping artworks over a long distance, the packing stage is one of the most critical, especially if you are transporting fragile art pieces that should go across thousands of miles until they reach their destination. It is needless to say that the packaging of such artworks must be extremely accurate and safe so that the valuables ​​arrive unharmed. In many cases, standard soft packing is not enough to fully protect art in transit. This is where custom art crates come into play. But do you really need to crate artwork for shipping, and does it worth the time and money spent on it?

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New York Shuttles for Art and Antiques

New York Shuttles for Art and Antiques

Shipping fine art over a long distance securely, quickly, and challenge-free is possible with a reputable art shuttle service. Such services have proven to be the best choice for the delivery of artworks anywhere in the country, as they are tailored to meet even the most specific demands of the art community. Provided by a team of professional art handlers, they guarantee the harmless delivery of the precious cargo. The experts ensure each item is carefully packed and expertly prepared for smooth transportation. Moreover, the practice of shipping artworks from different clients in one truck makes this service budget-friendly for any member of the art community, from artists and interior designers to private collectors and arts organizations. Now, let’s look at the most popular New York shuttles for art and antiques.

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August 7, 2020: Art Shuttle New York — Miami

Art Shuttle New York — Miami

Art shuttle service is a remarkably safe and affordable method to transport any valuable item across the US. No matter whether it is one miniature framed painting or a human-sized sculpture, shipment will be done utterly on time and trouble-free. Fine Art Shippers, a reliable art logistics service provider, has recently announced the new art shuttle New York—Miami scheduled for August 7, which is a great alternative to individual national transportation services. So, what are the specialties of this trustworthy method of transporting valuables? Let’s find this out!

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5 Critical Tips for Shipping Art over a Long Distance

Shipping Art over a Long Distance

Every one of us treasures art and does everything possible to keep it safe and secure. However, sometimes, we should take on risk and expose artworks to the danger, especially when we are shipping art over a long distance. When you plan to ship your art to a faraway place, you should take several basic and yet critical tips to ensure the best protection of the shipment. Knowing them is essential; using them is almost mandatory.

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