Art Shuttle California – Florida Is Scheduled for Mid-November

Art Shuttle California – Florida Scheduled for Mid-November

The contemporary art industry is steadily marching to its next significant milestone – Miami Art Week 2022. Traditionally, it will gather the cream of the crop of the international market to present top-notch artworks and projects by some of the leading established and emerging artists. Given how many people attend the fairs every year, experts predict the rise in demand for all kinds of fine art services, especially when it comes to logistics. In this regard, Fine Art Shippers offers the art shuttle California – Florida, which is scheduled for mid-November. The exact schedule of the route is yet to be announced, so make sure to follow the company’s official website or contact its managers directly.

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October 21-22: Art Shuttle Colorado – New York

October 21-22: Art Shuttle Colorado – New York

Temperature and humidity are two integral factors influencing the success of art storage. But before you can leave an artwork in a warehouse unit, you should be aware of climate dangers awaiting your pieces in transit, especially if you ship them through regions with extreme weather. Colorado seems to be a good example in this case. With scorching hot summers and cold and windy winters, this state is a mystery for meteorologists. Truth be told, it is also a good test for art handlers going through the area. If you want to ship art from Colorful Colorado all the way to New York, you will want to join Fine Art Shippers’ upcoming art shuttle Colorado – New York. It is scheduled for October 21-22, though dates are subject to change.

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Shipping Artworks from NYC to Palm Beach with Fine Art Shippers

Shipping Artworks from NYC to Palm Beach with Fine Art Shippers

Florida is not just about Miami. The second most populous city in the state often overshadows other notable places in the region. When it comes to art transportation, it is no secret that the whole Sunshine State is the land of dazzling art festivals, art galleries, museums, and talented artists. Take, for example, Palm Beach, the town of South Florida that has long become a far-famed art destination in the US, let alone the fame of Palm Beach Modern + Contemporary and The Palm Beach Show. It explains why shipping artworks from NYC to Palm Beach is such a regularly requested service. And if you need such assistance right now, you might be interested in cooperation with Fine Art Shippers. The company will run its traditional East Coast art shuttle approximately on October 18.

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October 11-13: Art Shuttle California – Washington – Colorado

October 11-13: Art Shuttle California – Washington – ColoradoThe beginning of October is marked not only by the warm fall sun but also by the pieces of good news. Fine Art Shippers successfully went on its consolidated cross-country trip from New York City to San Francisco and back again. If you have missed the start, don’t worry because there is still time to join the art shuttle California – Washington – Colorado. On October 11-13, the company will reach California, where it will have several stops. Following that, it will start getting back to New York through Washington, Colorado, and other states along the route. Right now, everyone can request professional shipping services and have their artworks and antiques delivered to the desired destinations without any risk whatsoever.

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