4 Handling Rules Art Experts Never Break

4 Handling Rules Art Experts Never Break

Art logistics brims with rules, regulations, and safety measures, and rightly so. The protection of art pieces, whether these are paintings, framed prints, or stone sculptures, is the handlers’ foremost mission. Strict discipline and proper training prepare a person to become a multi-skilled shipper who meets the industry standards and hence makes moving services markedly safer. But what are these rules, and how do they help art experts keep clients and their belongings safe? Find all the details below.

Four handling rules art experts never break

1. Never move items you don’t know how to move

There is a saying, “Jack of all trades is a master of none.” These words are especially true for those who believe they can provide certain services without prior experience. For example, if shippers specialize in the installation of large-scale sculptures, they are not necessarily good at piano moving. It is important to have a clear understanding of your skills and capabilities unless you want to put someone’s property at risk.

2. Never carry an artwork by yourself if it needs to be carried by two

You might have watched quite a few videos where people try to move big objects alone and fail. The outcome is always the same: damaged objects, waste of time and money, and customer dissatisfaction. Well, such things can also happen with art movers who are too careless about their job. Art experts try to avoid any risks, and the risk of dropping a canvas or print is never zero.

3. Never cut corners on packing

Packaging plays a leading role in the art transportation process. It mainly depends on two factors: the quality of packing supplies and the packers’ skills. If the latter cannot be taken away or compromised, the former component may be the root of the problem. Sure, less bubble wrap or packing paper will save some money, but such an act of saving may have a lasting negative effect on the safety of the package.

4. Never underestimate the width of the doorways

Funnily as it may sound, the width of a pathway may be trickier than it looks at first glance. However, the real problem is the lack of attention to measurement and dimensions. When disregarded, you may find it difficult to carry artwork inside a house and damage it as a result. Art experts say, “Measure seven times, carry once.”

In conclusion

If you hire seasoned and reputable art experts, the rules above will never be broken. Those principles are the cornerstone that makes logistics safer and more efficient.