A Quick Guide to Art Packing Supplies

A Quick Guide to Art Packing Supplies

The algorithm of shipping fine art over long distances always implies certain preparatory activities like packing, crating, paperwork, etc. The problem is that sometimes, art lovers try to save some money on quality art packing materials, tools, and expert help. However, as experience shows, such savings rarely give the desired effect; more often, they cause damage and even destroy valuable art pieces. We have put together some tips on choosing the right art packing supplies, which will help you protect your art properly and make the shipping a much more enjoyable experience.

A quick guide to art packing supplies

High-grade quality

Always choose high-grade art packing supplies even if they cost you some more money. Supplies and tools for packing fine art are not the stuff to save on. 

Custom wooden crates

Use bespoke wooden crates to ensure damage-free shipping of fine art. Such crates will protect your pieces from almost any kind of damage, as well as from dirt, moisture, and dust. 

Protection of corners

The corners of all flat items are highly vulnerable and require extra protection. Use special cardboard or foam corners to reduce the risk of scoring and warping. 

Glassine paper

Glassine paper is chemically inert, so it does not react with the materials it contacts. It is an excellent choice for the protection of paintings during transportation and storage. 

Bubble wrap

A good layer of bubble wrap can protect art pieces from loss by distributing pressure over the space inside ​​the container. Also, it firmly holds the artwork inside a cardboard box or wooden crate and protects it from bouncing.

We strongly do not recommend using art packing supplies of poor quality, already used boxes, trash bags, and old newspapers for packing fine art. If you need professional advice or expert help, contact a reliable art shipping company like Fine Art Shippers. Experienced art shippers will help you pack your artworks and deliver them wherever they need to be safe and sound.