A Guide on How to Not Overspend on Art Packaging Supplies

A Guide on How to Not Overspend on Art Packaging Supplies

Are you trying to figure out how to go about packing your artwork and antiques for the move? If so, then you probably have already contemplated buying the necessary art packaging supplies. However, before you make any purchases, you have to consider many different details: for example, what kind of items you are packing, how far you are moving, and what transportation method you are going to use. After you have all of that figured out, you can start buying packing materials. But what if you are already on a budget after all those moving preparations? Luckily, there are always ways to save money on packaging supplies that will not endanger your valuables.

How to not overspend on art packaging supplies

Reuse packaging materials

Did you know that some of your old art packaging supplies are perfectly suitable for repeated use? For example, if you ever ordered anything online that came covered in bubble wrap, you might still be able to use it to pack your items. But you need to be careful — if most of the bubbles are popped or deflated, the wrap will not provide sufficient protection for your belongings during transit. The same goes for cardboard boxes — if they do not close properly or have gaps or holes, it’s better to avoid using them.

Assess the things you need to move

If you own a diverse collection of fine art and antiques, you might already have an idea of how each item should be handled and stored. The same goes for packing: you cannot pack an oil canvas the same way you would pack a ceramic bowl. Make sure each piece is packed properly — that way, you will know exactly what to buy and will not spend money on useless art packaging supplies.

Hire a professional art handling company

This might seem counterintuitive, but if you consider it, it makes a lot of sense. Professional art handlers already know everything about packing artwork for shipping and storage, which means things for you to stress over and less money wasted on excessive purchases. Plus, working with experts will save you money in the future: proper preservation conditions will ensure your pieces stay in perfect condition longer.

While moving might be stressful, you can try making it easier by pre-planning and keeping a cool head. Do not spend more than you need to and stay focused — you are almost there!