What Packing Materials to Choose for Moving Art Pieces?

What Packing Materials to Choose for Moving Art Pieces

Looking up information about moving art pieces can seem overwhelming: there are many websites that offer all sorts of solutions to any problems you might run into during your move. However, some of the articles do not mention how packing a ceramic pot might be different from packing a mirror. Trying to keep in mind everything you have read about packing is extremely difficult. This blog post is an attempt to summarize the pros and cons of some popular packing materials, as well as a couple of alternative solutions.

Best and worst materials for moving art pieces

Bubble wrap

You have probably seen bubble wrap mentioned in every single article about moving art pieces. This material can indeed be extremely useful when packing pretty much anything. Bubble wrap is great at cushioning and protecting most types of breakables.

However, you should not use it mindlessly. If you are moving art pieces that are made out of porous materials like wood, do not put bubble wrap or any type of plastic right over them, as it can damage the surface. If you want to add a layer of bubble wrap for extra security, consider putting a moving blanket or a furniture pad between it and the surface of your piece.

When shipping a painting, you can also use bubble wrap only as a second layer over acid-free wrapping paper or special art plastic because bubble wrap may cause damage to the paint.

Packing peanuts

Packing peanuts are often used to fill in the space in shipping boxes. These days, there are even eco-friendly peanuts made from plant-based materials. While some movers recommend them for shipping smaller art pieces, others strongly disagree. Packing peanuts have a coating of oil that can transfer onto the pieces, especially if they are made from ceramic. Moreover, this material will not protect your piece from moving around in the box during transportation. If you need to fill the box, use something that will fix the item in place, like styrofoam or several layers of bubble wrap.

Shipping boxes

Boxes are arguably the most important part of any moving process. There are many different types of boxes, including the ones that are made specifically for shipping. It is pretty easy to label them, and they can be efficiently stored in a moving van. However, you should avoid boxes made from thin cardboard. It is even better to use two boxes or get a wooden one. Shipping crates are recommended for moving art pieces that are especially valuable and fragile.

Hopefully, now you are better prepared for moving art pieces and are ready to pack everything properly for transit.