Why Are Art Shipping Crates Better Than Cardboard Boxes?

Art Shipping Crates

Art shipping crates and cardboard boxes are the most popular containers used for shipping delicate, fragile, and oddly-shaped artworks to ensure the items’ protection throughout the entire process of transportation. The choice usually depends on the artwork’s condition, client’s requirements, art shipping specifications, and the distance that needs to be covered. Various types of fine art have different transportation requirements. However, the final purpose is always the same – the safe and secure delivery of the art pieces. So what is the most reliable packing method, art crates or cardboard boxes?

Art shipping crates vs. cardboard boxes

Art shipping crates are a traditional packing option for transporting heavy, fragile, and delicate artworks that require extra fixation inside the box. Professional art handlers use high-quality wood to build custom crates. Wood is a natural material, chemically neutral to the art piece, meaning that it won’t harm the artwork during transit. Besides, such a crate will protect the piece against dirt, dust, and moisture. Plus, the artwork inside will have proper air-conditioning, which completely eliminates mold growth. It is needless to say that it is better to work with experienced art craters who will design and build the crate in full accordance with the item’s characteristics and shipping requirements, ensuring its complete protection during transportation.

Cardboard boxes, in their turn, are a good option for local moving and when shipping small and non-fragile pieces. Cardboard boxes are lightweight and flexible, and they are available in many sizes to meet any need and budget. Such boxes are also often used when moving from one place to another.

As you can recognize, it is much safer to use art shipping crates if you need to transport fragile art and antiques interstate or internationally quickly and damage-free. They are a much better option than cardboard boxes because art crates provide more protection to the items and ensure their delivery in one piece.