How to Pack Art with No Experience: 6 Handy Tips

How to Pack Art with No Experience: 6 Handy Tips

Whenever people need to pack their valuable artworks for the first time, they usually go through a continuous thought process of weighting numerous “should” and “shouldn’t.” Indeed, art packaging might cause some inconveniences or even go slightly wrong, but it shouldn’t be a fun destroyer for you. At the end of the day, wrapping, tapping, and covering your precious canvases or statues should bring a lot of pleasure rather than emotional pain. Don’t turn packing into rocket science and learn how to pack art even if you have no experience with the following six tips.

How to pack art with no experience: 6 handy tips

1. Knowledge can compensate for your lack of experience. Even if you know little to nothing about the subject, you can learn how to pack art on the internet by gaining knowledge from different sources. To motivate yourself, always remember that knowledge is acquirable, while experienced is shared.

2. Get to know what every packing supply means. Don’t blindly follow what everyone says online. Always do your research about every packing material you buy. You should know whether you can rely on that bubble wrap and duct tape that you bought at the local store.

3. Test it first. Experience is knowledge tested by time. Considering that you lack experience, you need to test your art packaging tactics before applying them to real artworks. You can construct a model or use something of a similar shape to your art.

4. Ask people with experience. One of the best ways to learn how to pack art without any prior information is to ask those who have done it many times before. You can find a lot of forums where homeowners, artists, and collectors discuss their successful and unsuccessful attempts to wrap all kinds of art items.

5. Opt for art packaging services. If you want to save your time, you might want to go for art packaging services, which are usually the primary art services offered by every art shipping company. Adding a layer by layer of protection all over a piece of art is not for everyone, you know.

6. Focus on the process, not the outcome. Looking for information on the internet has one major drawback: you might have false expectations of how your art package can look. Above all, focus on the process and make sure your art is safe enough, not beautiful.

Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

Fear no lack of experience but the lack of confidence to start packing your artworks. Now you know how to pack art and can prepare a safe and secure package before professional art shippers load it in a truck.