What Are the Must-Have Qualities of Professional Artwork Shippers?

Must-Have Qualities of Professional Artwork Shippers

When it comes to shipping valuable art pieces, you always expect the very best service and attention to detail from the art transport company. The fact is that art is not supposed to travel, but still, at some point, you may need to move your pieces to another location. Since not all companies are the same, it is crucial to know what qualities to look for when choosing artwork shippers for this job.

Must-have qualities of professional artwork shippers

1. Ability to provide additional services

Professional artwork shippers offer their clients not only art shipping but also an array of extra fine art services, including art packing, art installation, art insurance, and more. It shows the company’s experience and willingness to make the process of transporting art objects as smooth as possible.

2. In-depth knowledge of art

What are the distinctions between the processes of shipping paintings, sculpture, and antiques? These are the subtleties that an expert art shipper should know. This job requires in-depth knowledge of different types of art and the specifics of their transportation.

3. Problem-solving skills

Everyone knows that art is precious cargo, which means that there may be certain challenges and problems during its transportation. Experienced artwork shippers must be able to prevent and resolve these problems rapidly and efficiently so that they do not turn into damage to the art objects.

4. Customer priority

The customer is always right. Good art shippers always put their clients’ interests first and strive to provide them with the most stress-free art transportation experience possible. They will discuss all the details with you, provide a free shipping quote, and offer a variety of useful services so that you feel confident and calm while your artworks are in their hands.

Hopefully, now you know more about choosing a reliable art shipper to move your valuables safely. Stay with us to learn more useful information on the matter!