Shipping Fine Art Across the US: Art Shuttle NYC – Seattle – Dallas

Shipping Fine Art Across the US: Art Shuttle NYC – Seattle – Dallas

Is it possible to ship delicate and valuable works of art across the country safely and effectively? Yes, it is! Fine Art Shippers has announced that its next consolidated art shuttle NYC – Seattle – Dallas is scheduled for June 20. The company’s truck will have stops in multiple states all around the US, making the upcoming shuttle perfect for shipping fine art. The NYC-based shippers specialize in the transportation of different valuable items, from oil paintings and bronze sculptures to fine furniture, porcelain, and jewelry. Take a look at the shuttle route.

Shipping fine art across the US

Fine Art Shippers will start its cross-country trip from New York City. On June 20, the shippers will leave the Big Apple and ride straight to Chicago, Illinois, where they will be picking up new artworks from their clients. On its way to Washington, the truck will also make a stop in Denver, so if you are between New York, Denver, and Washington, shipping fine art with Fine Art Shippers would be a sound decision. After making it to the Evergreen State, the company is going to pack and load some new art and continue its journey, with California being the next major destination en route.

While approaching California, Fine Art Shippers will visit Eugene in Oregon and Reno in Nevada. The shippers will stay in California for some time before going back to New York City along the West and East Coasts. It is a great chance for art owners to contact the company and request art services if it wasn’t done in the first part of the trip. For better convenience, clients are free to use an online shipping quote to save their and the company’s time.

In California, you can expect the shippers to have stops in San Francisco and Los Angeles. Take notice that other stops along the route are also possible. After delivering and picking up art in the Golden State, Fine Art Shippers will head to Dallas, Texas, through Scottsdale in Arizona and Santa Fe in New Mexico. From Dallas, they will move to Jackson, Missouri, and then proceed to New York City with on-demand stops all along the East Coast of the US.

Shipping fine art across the country takes a considerable amount of time, so preplanning is the best that everyone who needs art logistics help can do. Turn to the company right now to join the shuttle and schedule a stop beforehand!