March 23, 2022: Art Shuttle New York – Seattle – New York

March 23, 2022: Art Shuttle New York – Seattle – New York

Shipping fine art items across the entire country implies a range of logistics challenges. Such a responsible task should be entrusted to a competent art shipping company that has specialized equipment for transporting art. If you need qualified help right now, the upcoming art shuttle New York – Seattle – New York will be a spot-on solution. The truck will leave New York City tomorrow, on March 23, and will have many stops along the route. Find more information on the shuttle below.

Art shuttle New York – Seattle – New York

On March 23, the shuttle will move from the Big Apple to Atlanta, Georgia, through Commerce. The next stop will be in New Orleans, followed by Houston and Austin in Texas. Then, Fine Art Shippers will head to the north to Tulsa, Oklahoma. From there, the art moving company will drive to Santa Fe. Before going to California, where the team will be delivering art for a couple of days, the truck will make stops in Tempe and Phoenix, Arizona.

According to the official information, Fine Art Shippers will reach California on March 29 and will be making deliveries up to April 1. It pays to know that schedule may be subject to change. Every client who wants to become part of the art shuttle New York – Seattle – New York should contact the company in advance.

Once the truck leaves California, it will make its way to Seattle and then Coupeville in Washington. On the way back to New York, the movers will have stops in Wilson in Wyoming, Aspen and Denver in Colorado, St. Louis in Missouri, and Elm Grove in Wisconsin. On April 10, you can expect the shippers to be in Evanston and Chicago, Illinois. Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, will be a penultimate point of the art shuttle New York – Seattle – New York.

If you want to join the shuttle, you should contact Fine Art Shippers directly or request a free shipping quote. Take your chance to deliver your precious works of fine art to any place in the US!