Chicago Shuttle Services, or How to Ship Art Safely

Chicago Shuttle Services

Fine Art Shippers is one of the leading art moving companies with a wide array of high-end services. With this dedicated team, you can ship fine art pieces, antiques, and designer furniture to another state or country safely and securely. One of their most popular art services is a consolidated art shuttle that has long proven to be a cost-effective way to move valuable belongings across the USA. On December 13, Fine Art Shippers will launch the new art shuttle going to Chicago and other cities in the American Southwest. If you need high-quality Chicago shuttle services, learn more about them in this blog post.

Chicago shuttle services

Fine Art Shippers is located in New York, so the journey of the upcoming art shuttle will start from there. On December 13, the team of NYC movers will leave the city and head to Michigan. The team is going to visit Detroit and Birmingham. Once they deliver valuables across these cities, the art truck will go to Chicago, Illinois. The movers will also make deliveries and pick-ups in Addison, Paxton, and other cities if required. Chicago shuttle services provided by Fine Art Shippers are the best way to safely move fragile and delicate items to/from this part of the country. The art professionals can handle valuable artwork of any kind, protecting the pieces from pick-up to delivery.

It is also worth noting that on December 15, Fine Art Shippers will visit Indianapolis in Indiana where the team will also make pick-ups and deliveries. Once the job is done, the truck will go back to New York City.

If you want to use Chicago shuttle services, do not hesitate to contact Fine Art Shippers. Dates of the art shuttle are subject to change, so it is better to discuss details with the team directly.