November 4, 2021: Art Shuttle New York – Florida – Tennessee

Art Shuttle New York – Florida

Do you need to move valuable fine art or antiques to Florida or Tennessee? On November 4, you can join the art shuttle New York – Florida – Tennessee by Fine Art Shippers. This art logistics company is headquartered in NYC and is regularly moving precious pieces of art across the USA. The team will deliver and pick up fine art in various cities along the route. Read on to learn more about the details of the upcoming shuttle.

Art shuttle New York – Florida – Tennessee

On November 4, the team of art handlers from Fine Art Shippers is leaving New York, going to North Carolina first. They will make pick-ups and deliveries of fine art in such cities as Charlotte and Salvo. Once the job is done, the truck will head to Florida where Fine Art Shippers will stay for a couple of days to visit Saint John’s, Miami, Key West, and nearby cities.

The next stop of the art shuttle New York – Florida – Tennessee will be Atlanta in Georgia. Once the art movers make all the art pick-ups and deliveries around the city, the truck will go to Tennessee. There, Fine Art Shippers will visit Alcoa to deliver fine art and precious antique pieces to private and business areas.

The art shuttle service is a great chance to move delicate art items across the USA safely. The shuttle trucks are specifically designed to ship fragile artworks. With Fine Art Shippers, you can experience a smooth move and strong protection of your belongings throughout transit.

If you want to join the art shuttle New York – Florida – Tennessee, feel free to contact the Fine Art Shippers team via email or request a free shipping quote on their official website.