November 17, 2021: Art Shuttle New York – Los Angeles

Art Shuttle New York – Los Angeles

Fine Art Shippers is one of the leading art moving companies offering artists, art collectors, and business organizations a great set of services. Among them is an art shuttle, a cost-effective way to move valuables to another state. On November 17, the team will start their new art shuttle New York – Los Angeles. If you want to join the shuttle, read on to learn more details. 

Art shuttle New York – Los Angeles 

Fine Art Shippers regularly runs cross-state art shuttles to move expensive art items, antiques, ceramic pieces, and luxury furniture to various cities along the route. On November 17, the team of art handlers will leave New York to start their new consolidated art shuttle.

The first stop will be Houston in Texas. The NYC movers will pick up and deliver fine art pieces across the city and surroundings. Once the job is done, the art truck will head to California. The shuttle will visit San Diego and then go to Los Angeles. The art shippers will deliver fine art, furniture, and antiques across the city.

The next stop of the art shuttle New York – Los Angeles is Aspen in Colorado. From there, Fine Art Shippers will go to Chicago in Illinois. When the team is done with the shipments, they will go back to New York.

It should be noted that Fine Art Shippers operates specially designed trucks to ensure the utmost care of their clients’ belongings. The team of experts is trained to handle extremely valuable art items and offers high-quality packing techniques to protect fine art and antiques.

If you want to join the art shuttle New York – Los Angeles, feel free to contact Fine Art Shippers today. You can reach them via email or request a free shipping quote on their website.