Join Fine Art Shippers’ Upcoming Art Shuttle New York – California

Join Fine Art Shippers’ Upcoming Art Shuttle New York – California

Need to ship your fragile fine art and antiques swiftly and efficiently? Look no further. Fine Art Shippers, a fine art logistics company based in New York City, is coming back with its most demanded service. On January 18, the company’s cross-country art shuttle will leave NYC and head on a journey to the other side of the United States and back. Want to know if Fine Art Shippers is coming to your state? Read on to see the schedule and find out how you can benefit from the professional art delivery service.

Join Fine Art Shippers’ upcoming art shuttle New York – California

Fine Art Shippers’ cross-country shuttle is leaving NYC on January 18. It will first visit Newark, DE, Washington, DC, and Reston, VA. After finishing the job there, the company will make a stop in Nashville, TN. Dallas, TX, is the next planned destination on Fine Art Shippers’ route. The art truck will then go to Arizona where it will make stops in Scottsdale and Phoenix.

Traditionally, once Fine Art Shippers comes to California, their schedule becomes incredibly busy. The company will be providing art delivery, packing, and installation services in several California cities, including but not limited to San Diego, Marina Del Rey, Los Angeles, Canoga Park, Monterey, San Francisco, and Sausalito. After spending a couple of days in California, Fine Art Shippers will turn back their art truck and head to Colorado. After visiting Louisville and Denver, the company will stop in Chicago, IL, for its last planned major stop before returning to New York.

You still have time to contact Fine Art Shippers and add your location to their schedule. However, if you are not ready to do so yet, you will always have a chance later. The fine art logistics company covers a variety of routes and regularly sends art shuttles across the country. The dates stated on Fine Art Shippers’ official website are subject to change, so do not forget to contact the company’s Operations Office for fresh updates.

Fine Art Shippers’ consolidated art delivery service is a cost-efficient and safe solution for collectors, artists, and art institutions. Contact the company today to secure your spot in the upcoming art shuttle. Dial (917) 658-5075 or send an email to to talk to the Fine Art Shippers team directly.