How to Ship Sculptures in Fine Art Shipping Crates?

How to Ship Sculptures in Fine Art Shipping Crates

Before shipping artworks across the country or abroad, you should know that every piece is unique and has particular moving and packing needs. For example, the best approach to shipping sculptures safely is using fine art shipping crates. In this blog post, we offer you to learn several sculpture packing tips to ensure your artwork arrives in perfect condition.

Tips for shipping sculptures in fine art shipping crates

1. Inspect the piece before packing

To take necessary precautions, you should carefully inspect the piece before packing. Thus, you can identify cracks, fragile points, chips, and other problems.

2. Measure your sculpture

Determine all dimensions of your sculptures (length, width, depth, and weight), so you can pick up suitable fine art shipping crates and pack the pieces properly. If you hire an art shipping company, the measurements are also necessary for a quote.

3. Wrap the piece

Depending on what sculpture you are shipping, you should wrap it in glassine or tissue paper and then in bubble wrap. Apply extra padding on fragile areas and corners. You may also need to pack your sculpture in plastic to protect it from moisture.

Useful tip: do not tape anything directly to a sculpture or any other artwork.

4. Place your sculpture in a wooden crate

With wooden crates, you can safely and securely ship your sculptures over long distances. Fine art shipping crates are especially good for large and oddly shaped pieces. Opt for a crate with several inches of padding material at the bottom. You should also fill the space around your sculpture with packing material.

5. Keep the piece upright

The safest way to transport any sculpture is to secure it in an upright position. It may be a bit weird to ship it in such a way due to its height, but it reduces the risk of bumps and movements inside the crate.

Follow these tips to make the art shipping process stress-free and successful. Good luck!