Artwork Shipping Supplies: Do’s and Don’ts

Artwork Shipping Supplies

Proper packaging of art objects hinges on the choice and quality of artwork shipping supplies. Since such supplies are now available in large quantities and options, it is sometimes a struggle to choose the ones that are necessary and appropriate for a certain type of art. Below you will find the materials to use and not to use when packing art for shipping.

Artwork shipping supplies you SHOULD use:

Bubble wrap

Bubble wrap is most commonly used when packing fragile fine art pieces. Bubble wrap will gently cushion your artwork and fill empty space in a box preventing the potential motion of the art item.

Foam board

Foam board is perfectly suited for flat pieces of art, such as paintings, antique mirrors, prints, etc. It is a super light, easily cut material that protects art from serious damages. You can find foam board in various degrees of thickness at almost any art supply shop.

Cardboard corner protectors

Corners should be the first to be secured as they are at risk of damage in transit. Cardboard corner protectors are the best choice for proper art packaging.

Wooden crate

It is highly recommended that you opt for a sturdy custom wooden crate when shipping valuable sculptures, large paintings, and other fragile artworks.

Artwork shipping supplies you SHOULD NOT use

Packing peanuts

Unfortunately, foam packing peanuts are among popular art supplies when it comes to global shipping of fine art or across the country. However, they do not actually protect the pieces, as they tend to crumble all over the package.

Second-hand filler

Do not use magazines, newspapers, or plastic bags to fill the space in your shipping box. Such materials do not provide proper protection to art.

Low-quality tissue paper

Low-quality tissue paper can cause extensive damage to sensitive art objects. Always purchase only high-quality artwork packing supplies!

With these do’s and don’ts, the chances are high that you will succeed in packaging fragile and valuable art for transportation. Good luck!