Fine Art Transport Options Available Today

Fine Art Transport Options

Whether you are an art collector, artist, or private dealer, art transportation is something you will definitely encounter at some point. In this blog post, we will discuss several fine art transport options available today. Each one has its own merits, so keep reading to get more insight.

Fine art transport options available today

1. Air shipping

Air transportation is the most popular and effective means of international transportation. Proper conditions, safety, and speed are some of the benefits of using this method of shipping fine art. While it is the most expensive way to ship artwork, it is still the most reliable and convenient.

Be sure to choose an art shipping company that has established good relationships with airlines and has extensive international shipping experience.

2. Sea shipping

Sea shipping is one of the most secured fine art transport options available. Even though this method is substantially slower as compared to air shipping, it allows transporting large collections under perfectly optimal conditions.

Another aspect that makes shipping by sea a winning option is its cost. Obviously, it is less expensive to ship fragile and valuable works of art by sea than by air.

3. Road shipping

Designed to protect even extremely delicate fine art pieces, specialized art trucks are a smart solution to ship artworks across the country. One of the safest and cost-effective road shipping options is a consolidated art shuttle. Such shuttles run on a schedule and along specific routes, so you need to find a suitable one in advance.

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