Where to Find the Best Art Packing Materials for Your Next Move?

Where to Find the Best Art Packing Materials for Your Next Move

Many people dread moving houses and for a good reason. After all, it is easy to lose yourself in the middle of hundreds of items you need to transport to your new place. Packing is one thing everyone hates, whether you are preparing for a holiday or moving to a different country. However, this step is crucial to ensuring the safety of your valuables. Any professional art mover will agree that using suitable art packing materials is half of the success of your upcoming move. But where does one find them?

Where to find the best art packing materials for your next move?

Ask around

The first thing you should do is check to see if people around you have any art packing supplies they do not need. You do not necessarily need materials specifically designed for art packing: things like bubble wrap, cardboard boxes, and tape are always useful. But be mindful of what you reuse because some supplies are not suitable after they have been used once.

Packing supplies store

Getting art packing supplies from your friends will only get you this far. It will probably help you save some money, but you will still need to visit a specialized store anyway. Once you are there, do not necessarily look for the most expensive or cheapest art packing materials. It is better to read reviews online before buying something or asking a consultant for help. Here is an approximate list of packing supplies you will probably need to buy new:

  • Cardboard boxes (while used ones are sometimes okay, make sure you get a box that fits the sizes of your valuables)
  • Bubble wrap and other kinds of cushioning materials (because reusing half-popped bubble wrap is a really bad idea)
  • Acid-free packing paper

Feel free to make adjustments to this list according to your specific needs.

Professional art shippers

Some kinds of art packaging can only be provided by art logistics companies. For example, custom-made art shipping crates can only be built by professionals. In addition, expert art shippers can pack artwork for you using specialized art packing materials, which will help you save time and energy.

Moving is not easy, so treat yourself with compassion and do not hesitate to ask for help if you need it. Good luck!