Art Shipping Crates vs Cardboard Boxes: What to Choose?

Art Shipping Crates vs Cardboard Boxes: What to Choose?

So, you have done your research on fine art transportation. You know which services you need, how big your budget is, and which materials are most commonly used when packing works of art. However, if you have done enough work looking for information, you should have noticed that there are two main art packaging types: cardboard boxes and art shipping crates. Both options have their strengths and weaknesses, so choosing one of them can be a bit difficult. Let’s compare the two options to help you make the right decision.

Art shipping crates vs cardboard boxes: what to choose?

What are art crates?

You are already familiar with cardboard boxes since they are often used by movers. But what are art shipping crates? To put it simply, they are wooden boxes that protect breakables during transportation. There are many different kinds of crates used for shipping artworks and antiques. For example, museum crates are different from regular crates, because they have a more complex closure system and several protective layers inside. Here are some cases in which you should opt for a wooden shipping crate.

Your item is incredibly valuable or fragile

Wooden crates are perfect for shipping items of high value or those made from easily breakable materials. Art shipping crates are constructed by professional carpenters from a special kind of wood that is lightweight but incredibly sturdy. Crates can be quite expensive, but shielding your precious collectibles from harm is worth it.

Your item is oddly shaped

Some works of art, such as irregularly shaped sculptures, often cannot be transported in standard cardboard boxes. That is why many art logistics companies build custom art shipping crates to fit the specific needs of the transported items.

You are shipping overseas

Unfortunately, the risks of your artwork getting damaged in transit spike up radically when it comes to international shipping. A wooden crate minimizes the chances of something happening to your valuables during a long-distance trip.

Should you always opt for art shipping crates, just in case?

While art crates are extremely durable and safe, using them for everything is completely unnecessary. In case you are shipping something light and small, a good-quality box made from cardboard is a great cost-effective solution that will protect your pieces just as well. Sometimes, more expensive does not equal better. You might feel like spending a lot of money on art shipping will guarantee safe transportation, but you should always weigh out all of the options.