Four Types of Crates for Art Shipping: Which One to Choose

Four Types of Crates for Art Shipping: Which One to Choose

For someone who has never had to ship art or antiques before, the whole process might be confusing. There are so many types of packaging supplies, and the number of companies offering their art logistics services seems endless. One of the lesser-known packaging types among those who are not familiar with art shipping is an art crate. While it might look like a regular wooden moving box, an art crate is made by professional art handlers to specifically hold fragile pieces of art. But did you know that there are several types of crates for art shipping? Here is a short guide to the most popular ones. 

Four types of crates for art shipping: which one to choose?

Standard wooden crate

This crate is probably one of the most common ones. Usually, sturdy materials like plywood would be used when making such crates, especially if the objects being shipped are on the heavier side. These crates are durable and can be reused due to their structure.

Museum crate

A museum crate looks a lot like a standard wooden one, but it is even more secure. Its construction and closure system are considerably more advanced, so it is not easy to build at home if you are not a professional. Museum crates usually consist of three protective layers for maximal protection. Just like their name says, these are the crates that museums and galleries use to transport valuable and rare works of art.

One-way crate

Also known as an economy crate, this type is one of the cheapest crates for art shipping. One-way crates are light and have a simple structure but they still are very durable. They are most commonly used for local deliveries.

Open-style crate

While not always a great option for long-distance shipping, these crates are utilized by art handlers pretty often. This type of crate is not closed from all sides, but it can serve as a support for items so that they do not move around in the truck during transportation.

Now that you are familiar with the four most commonly used types of art shipping crates and their properties, you can decide which one to choose for yourself. To be sure you made the right choice, you can always consult your art logistics company on which option suits your situation best. Crates for art shipping come in all different sizes and price ranges, so it is better to take your time before purchasing one.