The Monthly Art Shuttle New York – Seattle Is Leaving on May 17

The Monthly Art Shuttle New York – Seattle Is Leaving on May 17

Do you need your artwork to be delivered from New York to Seattle? Fine Art Shippers’ art shuttle New York – Seattle might just be what you are looking for. One of the advantages of the art shuttles is that they are not only quick but also cost-efficient and, most importantly, safe. Fine Art Shippers is an art logistics company that operates regular art shuttles running across the country and visiting a large variety of cities from East to West, North to South. Learn how you too can ship your artwork with the upcoming art shuttle leaving next week.

The Monthly Art Shuttle New York  Seattle Is Leaving on May 17

The new Fine Art Shippers’ art shuttle New York – Seattle is getting ready for its new trip. It is scheduled to leave New York City on May 17. On its way to Washington, the art shuttle team will make stops in Michigan, Missouri, and Colorado, and on its way back to New York, it will visit California, Texas, Georgia, and Ohio. For more information on the approaching art shuttle trip, please contact Fine Art Shippers directly.

Art shuttles are some of the most popular services Fine Art Shippers offers, and for a very good reason. Art shuttles are probably the most cost- and time-efficient option for shipping fine art and antiques across the US. They are designed to carry different pieces of art at the same time without risking their safety, which results in lower transportation costs. Moreover, Fine Art Shippers’ art trucks are climate-controlled, which makes them perfect for transporting fragile items in any weather conditions.

While the art shuttle schedules are flexible and allow for additional stops, it is still better to contact the company in advance and plan the details of your delivery. May 17 is approaching, so you have to call Fine Art Shippers as soon as possible to get on the upcoming art shuttle New York – Seattle. The dates are subject to change, so it is better to confirm with the company directly.

Apart from art shipping services, Fine Art Shippers offers other art-related services, including storage, installation, staging, packing, crating, and many more. The company ships everything from collectible wine to designer furniture pieces. Its experienced team of art handlers is one of the best and can be trusted with all kinds of valuable and expensive items.