December 19: Art Shuttle Dallas – Los Angeles

December 19: Art Shuttle Dallas – Los Angeles

December is high time you made some Christmas and New Year preparations. Gifts are an indispensable part of your checklist, so you want to make sure that they will come to you in time. Now, let’s suppose that you wanted to give a large-scale oil painting or print as a gift – a truly valuable luxury present. The problem is that it is pretty risky to entrust such fragile items to standard movers. That’s where you need art experts to ensure that the transportation of breakables will go without any problems whatsoever. Fortunately, Fine Art Shippers will run an art shuttle from Dallas to Los Angeles on December 19, which is a decent opportunity to ship art between states and get your present before Christmas. Continue to read to find out more about the shuttle and its route!

Art shuttle Dallas – Los Angeles

Art shuttle Dallas – Los Angeles will begin on December 19. The truck, operated by professional art handlers, will move from Texas to California through New Mexico and Arizona. To start with, you should keep in mind that stops are possible all across the route by request, which means that you can ask for a pick-up no matter where you are as long as your location is somewhere along the way.

In Texas, Fine Art Shippers will be in Dallas and San Antonio. From there, movers will head straight ahead to California. They plan to come to the state on December 22, but the dates are subject to change, so there may be changes in the future. The company is going to spend at least two days delivering and picking up art in California, with the primary stops in Los Angeles, West Hollywood, Santa Monica, Palo Alto, San Francisco, Sausalito, and Berkeley. Once the job is complete, the art shuttle Dallas – Los Angeles, which is a subpart of a greater cross-country shuttle, will be over.

Prepare for a celebration properly

Since the schedule is not carved in stone, it’s best to contact Fine Art Shippers as soon as possible to request professional assistance. Art shuttle Dallas – Los Angeles might be your perfect chance to have your paintings or prints packed and delivered by experts, so don’t miss your boat. You can reach out to the company’s managers in a variety of ways. An email letter and a phone call will do just fine. Alternatively, you can request a free shipping quote online, which is very convenient and client friendly.