July 21, 2021: Art Shuttle Dallas – San Francisco – Chicago

Art Shuttle Dallas

Don’t miss the opportunity to join a cross-country art shuttle Dallas – San Francisco – Chicago if you need to ship your art quickly and safely! The shuttle, which is operated by the New York-based art moving company Fine Art Shippers, is scheduled for July 21, 2021. The dedicated team of art handlers will be able to pick up and deliver art in Texas, California, Colorado, and Illinois. After the job is done, Fine Art Shippers will return to New York.

Art shuttle Dallas – San Francisco – Chicago

If you have some pieces of fine art, antiques, or designer furniture to be shipped across the country, be sure to join a consolidated art shuttle Dallas – San Francisco – Chicago. On July 21, the Fine Art Shippers art shuttle van will be in Dallas to pick up art items from private and business clients. Then, the shuttle will visit Houston and nearby cities, including Manvel.

From Texas, Fine Art Shippers will go to the West Coast, passing through such cities as Tucson and Phoenix. In California, art shippers will make pick-ups and deliveries in Los Angeles and San Francisco. In case you need to ship art to other cities on the West Coast, let’s say, Sacramento or San Jose, Fine Art Shippers can do it for you too.

After leaving California, the art shuttle will head to Colorado through Reno in Nevada and Salt Lake City in Utah where it can make stops on request. In Colorado, Fine Art Shippers will visit Denver, Snowmass Village, and Boulder. Finally, the art shuttle Dallas – San Francisco – Chicago will visit Illinois with a stop in Chicago. After the job is done, it will drive back to New York. The route will pass through Ohio, with stops in Oberlin and Cleveland.

If you want to join the upcoming shuttle, feel free to contact Fine Art Shippers by requesting a free shipping quote online on the company’s official website.