Why Do Collectors Need an Art Insurance Policy?

Art insurance policy

Are you a keen art collector? Do you think art is a good way to invest money? If your answers are positive, it means that your home, office, or workshop features more than just objects of financial value. Fine art pieces, antiques, and other collectibles are cultural assets, the high value of which is determined primarily by their historical or commemorative significance. Therefore, you have probably wondered how to protect works of art you are collecting from the risk of damaging them or losing the money you have invested. The answer is an art insurance policy. Keep reading to learn why you need to insure your art possessions as soon as possible.

What risks does an art insurance policy cover?

Insurance coverage may include coverage for the risks of loss and damage to your property occurring for any reason (all-risk insurance). These include fire, explosion of household gases, water damage, natural disasters, acts of vandalism or terrorism, theft, robbery, and other types of deliberate damage caused by third parties.

What art objects should be insured?

One common feature of all art items that should be covered by an art insurance policy is their value. The list of such art pieces includes:

  • rare and unique fine art objects;
  • fragile and delicate art pieces;
  • high-value antiques;
  • a collection of items, the value of which will fall if one of them is damaged or lost.

If you are an art collector, you can actually insure any art objects you possess. Thus, you won’t be concerned about their safety or losing your money.


Of course, considering worst-case scenarios is not the nicest thing. However, if you collect unique artworks such as paintings, sculptures, or fine furniture, it is highly advisable to protect them from potential damage. The only smart solution in this case is an art insurance policy.