Top 5 Most Requested Artwork Services in the USA

Top 5 Most Requested Artwork Services in the USA

If you own fine art or any other type of valuables, you know that there are certain situations that require help or assistance from art experts. In this blog post, we offer you to learn more about the top 5 most requested artwork services in the USA.

Top 5 most requested artwork services in the USA

1. Art packing & crating

To maintain the integrity and safety of artwork during transit or in storage, you need reliable art packing & crating services. Due to the highest quality tools and packing materials used by professionals, your art pieces will be strongly protected from all sorts of damage. What is no less important, expert art packers can provide you with comprehensive art packing and crating services on-site if required.

2. Art shuttles

An art shuttle service is one of the most popular artwork services in the USA, which is aimed at shipping and delivering fragile cargo securely. Art shuttles are designed specifically to transport delicate pieces so that you do not need to worry about the safety of your valuables in transit.

3. Art storage

An art storage service is usually offered by art logistics companies to those who need their art pieces to be stored before or after they are shipped. Art storage facilities are equipped with sophisticated security and alarm systems and feature all the modern tools to keep artworks safe and sound. There are also options of long-term storage for both single items and large collections.

4. Picture hanging

If you need experts to arrange and install your wall art according to the museum standards, turn to professional picture hangers. Skill, patience, dexterity, and keen eye allow these specialists to hang your art properly in any space.

5. Art advisory

An art advisor is usually the one who holds a position in the museum, gallery, or auction house, but there are also many reliable independent art advisors too. You should approach such a specialist if you want to know the current value of your artwork or need help with selling or buying fine art.

These were the five most requested artwork services in the USA you may need at some point. Be sure to turn to professionals to preserve your art collection for years to come!