2021 Predictions: Fine Art Industry Trends

Fine Art Industry Trends 2021

While there are still people who view fine art as something that faded into the past, the fine art industry is actually getting more and more popular with each passing year. Despite the “prosperous” 2020, the art market has not fallen into oblivion; on the contrary, tough times have made the industry more flexible and capable of generating fresh trends in the new year of 2021. What are they? Below you will find a list of the major art trends 2021.

Fine art industry trends in 2021

1. Virtual galleries and online art market

Last year, art galleries and the art market overall moved online to survive in the difficult times. This year, these forced measures have emerged as a new trend. And now, the fine art industry offers art lovers plenty of safe and reliable ways to enjoy and buy art online.

2. Wellness art

Art is a powerful tool aimed at influencing people’s subconscious. Many researchers have proven that fine art is able to improve our mental health. Thus, such wellness art forms as coloring books for adults and art therapies are gaining recognition among a growing number of people.

3. Maximalism instead of minimalism

This year, less is a bore. The use of bright colors, various patterns, and bold designs is a unique and powerful way for artists to express their ideas and feelings. Moreover, maximalism is strongly linked to mainstream phenomena in today’s world, such as feminism, minorities, globalism, and others.

4. The rise of street art

This art trend has not dropped and is still on its rise in 2021. With public buildings and walls used as canvases, street art gives confidence and freedom for artists like Banksy to express themselves. Consequently, due to such art forms, the fine art industry keeps its head above water.

This was the list of the most essential art trends in 2021. Whether you like them or not, they are already here, changing the industry and the world around us.