What Are Artist Gloves for, and Do You Really Need One?

What Are Artist Gloves for

Every artist knows what it is like to have filthy palms during the workflow. Some are deeply annoyed by it, while others prefer to come to terms with it. Yet, to their credit, the art community is quite creative. Today, many stores offer true salvation for artists – artist gloves. It is interesting that, in fact, such art gloves, apart from preventing dirty hands, also have other equally useful properties. In our blog post, we are going to answer the two main follow-up questions: what are artist gloves for, and do you really need one?

Here we go!

What are artist gloves for?

Whether you are a traditional or digital artist, this thing might be quite useful for you. An artist glove is a special glove (or anti-fouling glove) covering only two fingers of your hand, which is designed to solve the problem of a messy work surface, as well as hands slipping.

If you work with traditional mediums like charcoal, graphite, or crayons, gloves can reduce potential smudges while drawing. With their help, you do not need to be super careful in order not to ruin the artwork or get your palms all dirty.

To protect the drawing tablet from grease, dirt, and sweat is another reason to use gloves. The tablet’s surface can suffer the friction of your hand, but with anti-fouling gloves, it slides smoothly without leaving stains or smudging the tablet.

Do you need artist gloves?

At least, you can give them a try, especially if you are drawing on a regular basis. No doubt, you can do amazing art pieces without having artist gloves, but you still can use such gloves to experience a more convenient workflow. Lastly, with artist gloves, your drawing process will become more professional and less messy.

Thus, we have answered the question, “What are artist gloves for?” and now it is completely up to you whether to buy one or not.