How to Pack Paintings for Moving to Another City?

How to Pack Paintings for Moving to Another City

Every artist or collector knows that fine art pieces are extremely fragile and exposed to risks during transit, which means that poor packaging can result in serious damage to the artworks. The care that has gone into the creation of your paintings is likely to be shattered if the package arrives in bad condition. However, if you put as much effort into the art packing process as you did when creating the pieces, you will make meaningful progress. Below you will find some tips on how to pack paintings for moving to another city properly.

How to pack paintings for moving?

1. Clean the artworks and inspect for damages

Before starting the packing process, make sure that your paintings are clean, dry, and have no scratches, blemishes, fingerprints, and other damages.

2. Pick up a suitable shipping box

Always choose properly sized boxes for your paintings. If the works are large, it is better to pick a separate box for each of them. Never move fine art in reused shipping boxes.

3. Protect the glass

Do not forget to use masking tape to protect the glass if you are moving a framed artwork. Mark the surface with an ‘X’ to prevent the glass from shattering during transportation.

4. Provide extra support to the frame

Use cardboard corner protectors to provide extra support to the frame and prevent the painting from ripping.

5. Wrap the painting

Another tip is to wrap the painting with glassine paper first and then with several layers of bubble wrap to provide additional protection.

6. Seal the box

Once everything is done, seal each shipping box with high-quality tape and mark it as “FRAGILE.”

Hopefully, our short guide on how to pack paintings for moving to another city will come in handy and help you keep your works in one piece during and after the art transportation process.