Major Types of Art Crates

Major Types of Art Crates

What do you know about the process of packing and crating for transporting valuable artworks? Each time when picking up an art piece for shipping, an expert art handler takes care of good packaging for the protection of the cargo. This is one of the most crucial steps in the process of art transportation, which requires expertise, skills, and patience. Besides, the successful and safe delivery of artworks depends on the art packing materials, as well as on the crates chosen for transportation. Let’s figure out the major types of art crates.

Major types of art crates for the safe transportation of fine art

When shipping various types of fine art, it is important to build a reliable art crate that will ensure harmless transportation. After all, different types of fine art need different packing and crating specifications to consider.

Standard crates

This type of crates is perfect for the reliable and safe transportation of most art pieces. One-way or two-way art crates are usually built from pine-framed plywood. Both options are good for international shipping, airfreight, art shuttles, and long-term storage. Besides, if you are moving any type of paintings, then you should also consider travel frames. This type of casing is attached to the back of the painting and protects its surface from injury.

Museum crates

Museum crates are tailored to the specific needs of both the artwork and the client. They are distinguished by an elevated protection level to withstand the hazards of long-term global transportation. Such art crates are usually waterproof and temperature steady. Equipped with closing plates, rubber gasket insulation, and polycrylic coating, they ensure a reliable shelter for the artworks in transit.

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