5 Critical Tips for Shipping Art over a Long Distance

Shipping Art over a Long Distance

Every one of us treasures art and does everything possible to keep it safe and secure. However, sometimes, we should take on risk and expose artworks to the danger, especially when we are shipping art over a long distance. When you plan to ship your art to a faraway place, you should take several basic and yet critical tips to ensure the best protection of the shipment. Knowing them is essential; using them is almost mandatory.

5 critical tips for shipping art over a long distance

1. Plan long beforehand

Plan A and plan B are the best things to keep in mind when shipping art. Do your best to pick up the most suitable date, when you are not snowed under with work and have enough time to prepare your artworks for transportation.

2. Learn how to pack

The packaging is enormously important for safety. The whole process demands various tactics, depending on whether an item is framed (with or without glass), stretched, etc. Also, consider crating your art pieces in special wooden crates.

3. Use only quality materials

It is not hard to guess that the packaging process implies using specific materials like bubble wrap, acid-free packing paper, packaging tape, cardboard corners, and durable boxes. Better to spend some money and buy new materials rather than reuse the old ones.

4. Find professional art shippers

Hiring seasoned art shippers always pays off. You need someone dependable and well-established to ship your artwork safely, someone like Fine Art Shippers, a respectable NYC-based family-owned company that provides some of the most affordable art shipping services across the US and worldwide.

5. Protect your shipment

Buy nice or buy twice. These words are the perfect explanation of why you need art insurance when shipping art, which is strongly recommended according to all shipping practices. With insurance, you do secure yourself against many risks.

Even if a distance is a big deal, these tips will help you overcome it and ship your valuables to another place most securely and efficiently.