Cross-Country Art Shuttle Service from NY to LA by Fine Art Shippers

Cross-Country Art Shuttle Service from NY to LA by Fine Art Shippers

What is the best way to move valuables across the country? The clients of Fine Art Shippers, an art logistics service provider from New York, know a definitive answer to that question. The company’s art shuttles are considered some of the best US art transportation options by anyone who has tried them at least once. You can experience the high quality of Fine Art Shippers’ art shuttle service by joining the upcoming cross-country shuttle from New York to Los Angeles. The art truck is leaving NYC on December 16. Read further to find out where it will go from there.

Cross-country art shuttle service by Fine Art Shippers

Fine Art Shippers will leave NY on December 16 and go straight to Louisville, KY. After that, the art shuttle will make a stop in New Orleans, LA, before heading to Arizona. There, it will provide art handling services and deliver valuables to clients in Scottsdale and Phoenix. California will be the art shuttle’s next destination, where the company will perform its services for private collectors and institutions in Mission Viejo, Los Angeles, Shadow Hills, Porter Ranch, Los Gatos, San Francisco, and Sausalito, among other cities.

Once the job in California is done, Fine Art Shippers will travel alongside the West Coast and stop in Bend, OR. Then, the art shuttle will start its journey back home, making stops in Eagle, ID, and Denver, CO, along the way. Minneapolis, MN, and Cleveland, OH, are the last planned locations the company will stop at before returning to New York City.

Of course, the schedule you see above is not final. Fine Art Shippers’ art shuttle service is known for its flexibility, meaning that its route is amendable. To make sure the art shuttle stops at your location, contact Fine Art Shippers in advance so the company has enough time to prepare.

Fine art delivery is just a small fraction of the art shuttle service and expertise Fine Art Shippers offers. The company’s team of professional art handlers is well-versed in a variety of skills, including art packing, crating, and installation. Fine Art Shippers employs a trained team of experts to ensure your valuables are safe at all times. In addition, the art trucks the company uses for transport are fully secured and properly equipped for art moving to ensure the maximized protection of your belongings.

Don’t miss the upcoming art shuttle! Call Fine Art Shippers at (917) 658-5075.