Three Things to Avoid When Looking for Expert Art Shippers in NYC

Three Things to Avoid When Looking for Expert Art Shippers in NYC

We have already talked about what to look out for when searching for great art shippers in NYC. But what about the warning signs that you should never overlook? If you do not have prior experience hiring professional art movers, you might not notice some things right away and even mistakenly think of them as positive characteristics. Let’s try and detect some of the red flags people most commonly ignore when looking for a fine art shipping company in New York.

Three things to avoid when looking for expert art shippers in NYC

The shipping cost is too low

Have you ever wondered why hiring art shippers in NYC is more expensive than working with regular movers? The reason is not just New York being an expensive area. The thing is, expert art handlers need way more training, skills, and resources to perform their job well. Moreover, they often transport high-value and rare collectibles and works of art, meaning more responsibility, which influences the cost of shipping. If you find a fine art shipping company that provides services for almost microscopic prices, stop and think about why it might be pricing its services that low. The reasons for that might be anything from low-quality services to the company being a scam.

No reviews or testimonials

One of the main things that helps you choose reliable art shippers in NYC is looking at customer reviews. For most companies, you can usually easily find them online. Some service providers even post reviews and testimonials on their websites or blogs. That is to say, if a fine art shipping company has no reviews and, even worse, no easily accessible information about it online, that is probably a sign that there is something fishy going on.

Unrealistic expectations

Finally, one of the tell-tale signs of an unreliable art shipping company is unrealistic promises. If your art handlers tell you that they can do anything, agree to everything you say super quickly, without asking you to provide additional information, and go straight to discussing payment, you should think twice before working with them.

All in all, the most important thing to do before hiring anyone to handle your precious possessions is to do research so that you can mitigate risks. That way, you will not have to deal with issues after your art movers have already arrived at your location and you have handed them your valuables.