Art Shipping Crates: Answering the Most Commonly Asked Questions

Art Shipping Crates: Answering the Most Commonly Asked Questions

Often used by professional art logistics companies, art shipping crates are some of the most popular kinds of art packaging. If you are preparing to transport your art collection, you might be wondering what makes art crates such a great solution for fine art shipping.

Art shipping crates: answering the most commonly asked questions

Is there only one type of art shipping crate?

There are different kinds of crates that art shippers normally use. The four most common types are standard crates, museum crates, economy or one-way crates, and open-style crates. Your art shippers will suggest that you use one of these depending on the characteristics of your shipment.

For example, if you are transporting a small painting locally, you can opt for a one-way crate, which is sturdy and durable but simple in structure. Standard crates are used for long-distance transportation of heavy and large items. Museum crates are the kings of all crates because they are made specifically to accommodate expensive and valuable works of art that can be displayed in museums. The purpose of open-style crates is usually to hold already packed items within a moving vehicle, serving as a kind of additional support.

Where do I get an art shipping crate?

One thing about art shipping crates is that you cannot buy them at regular supply stores. You will either have to build a crate yourself, which is pretty much impossible without proper training, or order custom art crates from an art logistics company. The reason why stores do not sell ready-made art crates is that they have to be made according to the precise measurements of specific items. This way, art handlers can crate and transport objects of all shapes and sizes.

Are art shipping crates safe?

Art shipping crates are the most secure art packing solution you can get. Unlike mailing boxes, they are made from wood and secured with metal screws for maximum security. Art crates are durable enough to withstand long-distance transportation, heavy items, harsh weather conditions, bumpy roads, and other unpleasant surprises.

Of course, different packaging suits different items. Cardboard boxes and shipping tubes might not be as secure as crates, but they still can provide sufficient protection in most cases. You can always consult your art logistics service providers to ensure you choose the right packaging supplies.