What Do Art Lovers Need to Know about the Fine Art Market in 2021?

Fine Art Market in 2021

Within the framework of the business growth outlook for 2021, one thing about the fine art market is certain: it will never go back to its pre-pandemic form. The era of tremendous shifts has already dawned for the art world, determining its future for the 2020s. Art lovers, collectors, and artists should, therefore, learn several new trends that will come into play this year.

Fine art market in 2021: significant shifts

1. Increase of virtual selling and viewing

The new digital solutions take the top spots in the art business this year. We can expect to have more virtual viewing rooms, exhibitions, and art sales. Art collectors and dealers will also engage in online selling to maintain their business.

2. Sustainable art market practices

In the fine art market, the trend toward eco-packaging and reducing waste from art shipping has been evident in the last few years. It is expected to pick up steam in 2021. From rejecting hard-copy catalogs and over-packaging when transporting and handling artworks to reconsidering the need for international airfreight for art shows, more sustainable practices will go into action this year.

3. Local fine art promotion

Because of the travel restrictions caused by the pandemic, local fine art exhibitions will become more pronounced in 2021. It means that we can expect the development of local movements and art events, as well as more attention to local galleries, museums, and artists.

4. Demand for art collection management services

The demand for art collection management services has greatly increased in 2020. Trying to preserve their art pieces, more and more collectors need professional assistance in keeping their possessions safe and secure.

As you can see, the fine art market has already changed quite a bit under the influence of external factors, and we can expect more changes to occur within the industry in the near future. Stay with us to keep abreast of the latest news!