Where to Find the Service of Art Crating in Brooklyn?

Art Crating in Brooklyn

To ensure your art and antiques are completely protected from any type of damage in transit, you need a reliable art crating service. If you are looking for the right company for this job, let us recommend Fine Art Shippers, a team of professionals providing a broad scope of services, from art transportation options across the US and overseas to an array of complementary fine art services. One of them is the service of art crating in Brooklyn, NY.

Fine Art Shippers offers the service of art crating in Brooklyn

Fine Art Shippers is a New York-based art shipping company with over 25 years of experience in the art logistics business. Fine Art Shippers is known for providing reliable art handling and art transportation services that include art moving, white glove delivery, comprehensive art packing, art installation, and art storage, among others.

One of the key aspects of the art shipping process is wood crating of art and antiques. Fine Art Shippers produces sturdy wooden crates perfectly designed to protect even extremely fragile pieces of art. This in-house service is performed by experienced carpenters in a fully equipped warehouse at McDonald Avenue in Brooklyn, NY. Therefore, if you are looking for the expert service of art crating in Brooklyn, we highly recommend that you contact Fine Art Shippers. The company’s staff can build a crate specifically for your artwork, taking into consideration its value, size, and delicacy of the material it is made from.

Fine Art Shippers also provides fine art crating services on-site, which may come in handy if you are planning to ship something truly fragile or oversized. Furthermore, the company offers uncrating and unpacking services and can help with the installation of your pieces in any location.

If you need the service of art crating in Brooklyn, feel free to contact the Fine Art Shippers team. They will ensure your precious artworks will withstand the rigors of any journey.