What Is the Best Way to Ship Art on a Budget?

Best Way to Ship Art on a Budget

To find the best way to ship art cost-effectively is not easy, however, not impossible. With the fine art industry advancing at an incredible rate these days, new shipping options are emerging, offering more opportunities to save money and time. One of the options of shipping art on a budget is a consolidated art shuttle.

Why are shuttles the best way to ship art?

Consolidated shipment

What could be better than joint shipments of art and the shared cost between the shippers? That’s the main benefit of art shuttles.

Companies that offer art shuttle services collect many different pieces of art (e.g., paintings, sculptures, ceramics, antiques, etc.) in one large shipment and deliver them to various locations throughout the USA. The cost is much lower as compared to individual shipping solutions, making an art shuttle a very cost-effective option for the collector, art dealer, or artist.

Flexible and pre-scheduled routes

Another benefit of art shuttles is their pre-scheduled routes that you can learn from the managers of the art shipping companies. Moreover, quite often, art shuttles allow deviations from the route, so you can ask to pick up your items from almost anywhere in the country. 

Secured cross-country trips

The best way to ship art is to ship it not only on a budget but also in a safe manner. Art shuttles imply special trucks with GPS tracking systems, climate control systems, and high-quality equipment, which are operated by trained drivers and experienced art handlers. Therefore, there is no need to worry about your art while it is in transit.

These were the highlights of the consolidated art shuttles, showing why they are the best way to ship art on a budget. We highly recommend that you try this art service and appreciate its merits yourself.