November 1, 2020: Art Shuttle Chicago – New York

November 1, 2020: Art Shuttle Chicago – New York

If you need to transport fine art from Chicago to New York, take advantage of the upcoming art shuttle Chicago – New York operated by Fine Art Shippers. The shuttle is scheduled for November 1. Art pick-up is possible from any location in Chicago and suburbs. The truck can also make a stop in any city on its way to New York to deliver your cargo to the intended destination. Well-trained art handlers at Fine Art Shippers are experts in their job, with over 25 years of experience in shipping priceless fine art and antiques. In other words, if you are looking for a reliable art transportation service from Chicago to New York, feel free to request a shipping quote online or contact the company directly to clarify the details.

Art shuttle Chicago – New York from Fine Art Shippers

The art shuttle Chicago – New York will leave Chicago on November 1 to deliver valuable artworks to New York and other cities on the East Coast. If you need a reliable, safe, and affordable service to ship fragile art and antique pieces to one of the cities along the route, then this option is right for you. The art shuttle operated by Fine Art Shippers is very flexible and can make a stop almost anywhere at the client’s request. For instance, the truck will go through Cleveland and can also deliver to Pittsburgh.

The endpoint of the art shuttle is in New York, but Fine Art Shippers can deliver to Boston, Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, Baltimore, and other cities on the East Coast as well. It is indeed an amazing shipping opportunity for art lovers who want to ensure their cargo arrives at the destination intact. Besides, the consolidated art shuttle service is always a cost-effective solution available to everyone.

Take care of your high-value art pieces and entrust their transportation ​​to the art logistics specialists at Fine Art Shippers! Book the art shuttle Chicago – New York today!