How to Ship Art without Breaking the Bank?

How to Ship Art without Breaking the Bank?

Do you need to transport fine art over a long distance but have a tight budget? Take your time and consider several alternatives to find the most reliable and suitable one for you. It is needless to say that fine art requires exceptional care and attention while moving, no matter across the city or interstate. Moreover, each art piece has specific features that you need to consider from the very beginning. In this blog post, you will learn how to ship art with the care it deserves and without breaking the bank.

How to ship art without breaking the bank?

The matter of safety and, what is no less important, the cost of art shipping tickles the nerves of many people. That is not a surprise, as the shipping process requires not only specific expertise but also professional equipment. Many novice collectors get into this trap all the time, thinking they can handle the task on their own. However, this is not always the case. So, how to ship art safely and at a reasonable price?

An art shuttle service is your life-saving solution for transporting high-value collectibles to the location you need. You can ship any pieces of art this way, no matter how fragile, bulky, or antique they are. The fact is that an art shuttle is a consolidated shipment of artworks from several clients, transported together in one truck. It is an extremely safe and reliable service ensuring the damage-free transportation of collectibles almost anywhere. Well-trained art handlers pack and crate collectibles, pick them up from the client’s place, and ship them in the well-equipped trucks to the destination point.

For example, Fine Art Shippers, a reputable logistics company that knows how to ship art properly, has announced the upcoming art shuttle from Texas on September 26. Do not miss the chance to transport your collectibles to Illinois, California, New York, Maryland, Florida, Massachusetts, and other states safely and budget-friendly!