Bi-Weekly Art Shuttles New York – Miami

Bi-Weekly Art Shuttles New York – Miami

New York and Miami deserve the status of the most art-friendly cities in the USA. Both of them are homes to many art galleries and museums visited by thousands of people daily. Furthermore, a wide range of art shows, exhibitions, and auctions are held there all the time, attracting art lovers from around the world. Hence, there is a constant necessity of quick and on-time transportation of art between these two locations. Among a variety of art transportation options, art shuttles come across as the most convenient for those who want to ship their artworks quickly, safely, and without spending a fortune.

Bi-weekly art shuttles New York – Miami

Art shuttles are pretty common nowadays. This service is provided by professional companies with big experience in the field and is intended to transport paintings, sculptures, antiques, and other delicate and valuable items securely. Moreover, an art shuttle is the most cost-effective way to ship fine art across the country because all of the pieces are consolidated and transported together in one truck that is properly equipped for safe shipping.

One of the companies offering art shuttle services New York – Miami is Fine Art Shippers. Their bi-weekly shuttle starts its journey in New York and runs to Florida along the East Coast of the United States, with stops in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, the Carolinas, and Georgia. These coordinated stops on the route mean that almost any destination can be discussed. The schedule is flexible, so you would better contact Fine Art Shippers for the details or request a free shipping quote online.

Other than art shuttles, Fine Art Shippers provides various additional services. These include art packing, art crating, art storage, art installation, and many more, each designed to meet the needs and requirements of the art community.