Art Shuttle New York — Los Angeles

Art Shuttle New York — Los Angeles

Art shuttle is one of the most popular types of art transportation, which has proven to be a secure and cost-effective way of shipping fine art and antiques across the country. Recently, Fine Art Shippers, a family-owned art shipping company from New York, has announced the launch of a new regular art shuttle New York — Los Angeles that will go once a month. Operated by a team of accomplished drivers and experienced art handlers, Fine Art Shippers art shuttle will cover a large area of the United States. Let’s find out more about this new service.

Regular art shuttle New York — Los Angeles

Art shuttle New York — Los Angeles from Fine Art Shippers would be a natural choice for artists, collectors, art galleries, art museums, and other art institutions. Same as standard fine art shipping service, this art shuttle service is designed to transport a range of art pieces, including paintings, sculptures, porcelain, large prints, neon art, glass art, and many more. Starting in New York City, it will go through Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Chicago, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Diego, Tucson, Houston, Detroit, and other cities along the route.

According to Fine Art Shippers, the art shuttle will be scheduled once a month. It will have flexible dates that can vary from one month to another. The shuttle will leave in 1-2 weeks after the pick-up. Fine art owners should expect their items to be delivered within 5-7 days from the moment the cargo is taken from the storage.

This new art shuttle from Fine Art Shippers seems like a highly effective and safe way of shipping art across the United States. It is fully insured and licensed, meaning that you can have 100% peace of mind while your art pieces in transit. To place an order, you can fill in a free shipping quote or contact Fine Art Shippers directly.