Shipping Fine Artwork Is Easy with an Art Shuttle

Shipping Fine Artwork Is Easy with an Art Shuttle

What is the safest and most reliable way to transport valuable fine art across the country? If you are shipping original and unique pieces that deserve special care, you should opt for an art shuttle, the most comfortable and reliable means to transport fine art interstate. It is worth noting that moving delicate art pieces is a complex task that requires specific knowledge, expertise, and facilities, so it is important to work with true art shipping experts who know how to do this job right. Now let’s look at the principal benefits of shipping fine artwork with an art shuttle.

Shipping fine artwork with an art shuttle

Shipping fine artwork with an art shuttle offers many advantages to clients. It is a fast, timely, safe, and reliable service available at a reasonable price. Whether you are an artist, private collector, owner of an art gallery, museum curator, auctioneer, or a representative of an art institution, you should definitely try this service, especially if you are shipping fragile and delicate art pieces over a long distance.

An art shuttle is a consolidated service. This means that it is much more affordable and cost-effective as compared to individual art shipping options. The art truck carries many different art pieces, making stops for deliveries all along the route. It is well equipped to ensure the safe delivery of even the most delicate artworks and antiques and operated by experienced art handlers and drivers.

Art shuttles usually go from New York once or twice a month, depending on the route. They cover the entire United States, from East to West, North to South, offering fast and reliable delivery to any location specified by the client. Shipping fine artwork is indeed easy with an art shuttle, especially if it is operated by Fine Art Shippers, a reliable art logistics company with over 25 years of experience. Fine Art Shippers can pick up and deliver any delicate and valuable art piece damage-free and budget-friendly!